Procreate Tattoo Needle Brushkit by Hackepeter FREE DOWNLOAD



Tattoo needle brushkit for procreate by Hackepeter

You can download and use the brushes for free and #fcknzs btw

If you are use the brushkit for your work and you are satisfied you can send me a paypal donation to or and a link in your social networks <3

The kit includes 14 brushes:

1 sketching brush for starting the design

2 roundliners with and without curve automation

1 pepper shading brush

1 whip shading brush

3 magnum brushes (large, medium and small)

3 circles with different line sizes, because circles are not available at procreate at the moment

2 round liners with pressure sensitive diameter (with and without curve automation)

1 smooth shading brush.

That is what I am using mostly for my drawings (art prints and tattoo designs). It inclusdes all needles which I use for real tattoos. The drawing will look similar like the finished tattoo and your customer can easy imagine how it is going to look like.